Dr. Jennifer Rayward


About my blog.


The goal of Conceiving by A.R.T. is to help the reader understand trends in reproductive health, answer their questions about the procedures we perform and explain why we do what we do.  At ProcreaTec, the clinic where I work, patients are diagnosed, they are told good and bad news, fertility cycles are carried out, research programs are put together, monthly meetings with other clinics are prepared, courses are taught to our extended community- lots of activity and many heartwarming stories to tell. I started the blog for my patients. I want them to see that they are not alone. People go through many different experiences to have a baby: some journeys take a few weeks and others go on for years. Most of all I want them to understand that we as specialists understand their imperative need to have children and that, for us as specialists, this need to have children is our professional lives’ purpose.

About me.

Born in the United States and raised in Switzerland, I moved to Spain at 19 for a year to learn Spanish. I loved Madrid and decided to make it my home. I went on to study Nursing and then went to Medical School here. After finishing Medicine I stayed on at the university and did research in Clinical Immunology for a few years.

I later worked in Gynecology.  I completed a Masters in Human Reproduction at the Complutense University in Madrid until I decided to devote my professional life exclusively to Assisted Reproduction in 2002.

I worked at Ginefiv and Instituto Madrileño de Fertilidad, both fertility clinics in Madrid, before founding ProcreaTec International Fertility Clinic with Dr. Lourdes Lopez Yañez. Our main interests at the clinic are to have state of the art technology, support our patients on their fertility journey and do research. At present we are studying Embryoscope data and we also are interested in blastocyst development and PGD.

I love teaching, traveling, technology, vegan cooking and spending time with family and friends.



Calle Manuel de Falla,6-8.

28036 Madrid (España)